The Drifter’s Desk is your desk.

And it’s mine.


It belongs to the Buddhist monk I jammed guitar with at his temple in Osaka, Japan.

It’s the desk of the sun-scorched captain barreling head-on through high seas in the Caribbean, one hand clamped on the wheel, another stretching out a bottle of Cruzan light rum to my dirty, trembling fingers.

It’s the desk of the struggling songwriter in New York City. The hooker’s desk in Southern Thailand. The English teacher’s on the coast of Morocco. The desk of the wanderer.

The Drifter’s Desk belongs to those who do not have one. Or those who want to lose theirs for a while.

It’s your desk.

And it’s mine.

Taylor Moore is a Caribbean journalist turned touring singer/songwriter and guitar-slinger.

After stirring up a rather atavistic musical frenzy along the East Coast of the United States, he fled the country on a one-way plane ride to Bangkok in February 2014.

His current whereabouts are unknown.

These are the Notes from the Drifter’s Desk.

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